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#366smiles – February

32/366- Seeing the brighter mornings and evenings, the cold, dark winter is coming to an end! 33/366- Other half cancelling his plans to stay home and help look after a poorly toddler and I. 34/366- the toddler quizzing granny and grandad (MY mum and dad!!) about boobs and willies! 35/366- OH & I chatting about … Continue reading

#366smiles – January

1/366- the way my baby smiles when I kiss his cheek. 2/366- The toddler saying ‘sweet dreams’ to the person napping in bed with their teddy bear, which we made out of fuzzy felt. 3/366- A new pair of shoes for going back to work tmrw. Reminds me of going back to school in new … Continue reading