What the toddler said… 3

Job description of a fireman: E: This is a fire engine mummy. I sit in the fire engine. I drive the fire engine. A fire engine has ladders mummy and a man climbs up the ladders and washes the windows. Advertisements

What the toddler said… 2

I arrived home from work one day this week to discover E, after a bit of a strop, had taken the books from one of his bookshelves and dropped them all over the floor. We tidied up and I took the one book he had ripped pages from, to try to repair it. Me: You … Continue reading

What the toddler said… 1

(while shooting my boobs) E: I shoot your boobs mummy! I shoot your boobs again mummy! Me: I’ll have no boobs left at this rate! E: I buy you more boobs mummy! So there we have it. I knew he was going to be rich and successful but so generous too!? How many sons pay … Continue reading

#366smiles – February

32/366- Seeing the brighter mornings and evenings, the cold, dark winter is coming to an end! 33/366- Other half cancelling his plans to stay home and help look after a poorly toddler and I. 34/366- the toddler quizzing granny and grandad (MY mum and dad!!) about boobs and willies! 35/366- OH & I chatting about … Continue reading

12 Questions (Part 2)

Lucky me – tagged again!  But as each version of 12 questions is different I’m more than happy to complete it again, this time courtesy of the lovely Rachel at Mr Isaac’s Blog. I won’t bother posting the rules or tagging anyone on this one.  For all that stuff, see here. 1. What’s your favourite time … Continue reading

Questions & Answers Meme

The lovely Scottish Mum has tagged me in this meme. It works like this – I answer 12 questions which have been set by Scottish Mum.  I then add 12 of my own and tag other bloggers to answer my questions.  Here goes… 1 – If you could have chosen your own name, what would it … Continue reading

Asking for help.

Most of us, at some point in our lives, need to ask for some help and support.  By this, I don’t mean a little favour.  I mean helping to pick someone up when they are down and in desperate need. I’ve said before, what I absolutely love about Twitter is the honesty of the majority … Continue reading

#366smiles – January

1/366- the way my baby smiles when I kiss his cheek. 2/366- The toddler saying ‘sweet dreams’ to the person napping in bed with their teddy bear, which we made out of fuzzy felt. 3/366- A new pair of shoes for going back to work tmrw. Reminds me of going back to school in new … Continue reading

In the still of the night.

There’s something really special about this time of night when the children are tucked up in bed sleeping peacefully.  The toddler is fast asleep, as usual on top of his duvet and upside down in bed but tonight he has Thomas the Tank Engine on one side and Henry on the other.  The baby is … Continue reading