Some things that I love – #2

Some things that I love…

Despite meaning to keep up with this regularly, it’s been a busy few weeks with the end of my penultimate uni module.  Back on it though and here’s my contribution to butwhymummywhy’s linky .
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Something I read – Reading really is the crutch that gets me through stressful times.  I’ve read about three books over the past fortnight, my favourite being Wonder by R J Palacio.  Wonder is the story of a little boy called August who has a facial deformity and after being home-schooled, is about to start mainstream school.  I loved this story, laughed and cried and found it really thought provoking and an all round interesting read.  Also found it really funny at times, which was a surprise given the subject matter, but well written and I’ll look out for this author again.  It’s her first novel.

Something I watched – We picked up Silver Linings Playbook in the supermarket for £5 recently, hadn’t seen it but knew that it had won Jennifer Lawrence a Best Actress Academy Award.  I laughed so much during this film, it really tickled me.  Being a big strictly fan, the dance scene at the end was hysterical.  It’s billed as a romcom, and my husband thought it was ok, but I’d say it’s more down to sense of humour affecting our particular reactions rather than it being more suited to the fairer sex.  I really enjoyed it.

Something I wore – My sandals!  We’ve had some glorious sunny days this past fortnight or so.  Lovely to get the sunny gear out.  Although by the sounds of the rain this evening, perhaps it’s time to pack it all away again…

Something I listened to – Ipod on random selected Counting Crows ‘Round Here’ recently and after listening all the way through I put it back to hear it again.  I love the mystery about the meaning of this song, there’s quite a debate online about what it all means, but apart from the intellectual side of it, it’s a beautiful song.  To me, it’s about growing up and perhaps losing the innocence and naivety, the curiosity of children, working on what’s important or what we are told is important and then the reality of it all, our lives as they unfold.  A bit deep, but I love songs that really make you think about what they mean and what they mean to you.

Something I cannot live without – I think this past fortnight has shown that I’ve really got the bug, fitness wise.  Through a combination of factors (overloaded with uni work then a pulled muscle/trapped nerve behind my shoulder blade which was excruciating!), I haven’t had my Jillian Michaels fix in a while.  Planning to get back to Ripped in 30 this weekend and actually can’t wait!  Anyone else doing this DVD?


Thanks again to butwhymummywhy for starting this linky and sorry for being such a sporadic contributor!


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