Some things that I love – #1

Some things that I love…

I have loved butwhymummywhy’s linky since it started and have eventually dragged my blog out of the vaults to regularly join in with this linky, and hopefully blog more too.

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Something I read – I finished in 2 days (no mean feat with a 1 and 3 year old at home!) ‘A Million Little Pieces’ by James Frey. This is the author’s account of his journey through rehab and was recommended to me by a friend. I’m sure everyone knows of at least one person who has struggled with some form of addiction in their life and I was interested in learning more about rehab and what it’s really like. The book was very compelling; it was on my mind when I wasn’t able to read and it was one of those books I was reading hours beyond the time I should have been asleep! You know, when the clock says 2am and you have a 6am alarm call. It is written in quite an unusual style, a total absence of grammar at times as the author tries to convey a stream of consciousness and spilling his thoughts, feelings and reactions onto the page. A couple of the episodes will live with me for a long, long time (the scene at the dental surgery and his smile as he was leaving being one of these). All in all, it’s a great book and I would strongly recommend reading it. Apparently there was a bit of controversy after it was released over it not being as accurate an account of the author’s experience as he made out, but I don’t care. Still a brilliant book.

Something I watched – This week it’s all about the Masterchef final! I loved Larkin at the start but he has really bombed in the final stages so I’m hoping Natalie will win. (Writing this before the final episode is broadcast!) I think Natalie has really blossomed as the series has gone on, clearly growing in confidence and I also love that she’s so down to earth.

Something I wore – My trainers!!! The ground has been fairly dry and it’s been good to get out of the winter boots. Hasn’t the weather this year been awful so far?

Something I listened to – I really enjoy Live Lounge type albums – where artists or groups are invited into the studio for a live session and usually do some of their own stuff and a cover. I’ve also enjoyed Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday Sessions and my favourite track of the week is ‘Damn your eyes’ by Alex Clare. When I first heard this on the album I wasn’t sure who the singer was, but he’s the voice behind ‘Too Close’ – a live version of which is on the 2012 Live Lounge album. I prefer Alex Clare’s version of Damn Your Eyes to Etta James’ original. Cool tune, and I love the drum track.

Something I cannot live without – starting with the obvious – my iPhone. For a huge variety of uses – banking, keeping in touch with family/friends, accessing emails quickly, facebooking, tweeting, capturing images and instagramming, checking the weather forecast, my diary, mumsnetting, my to do list, reading the news, amazon (one-click is AMAZING, I always hate hunting for my purse when shopping online), keeping the kids occupied with apps/games/netflix/itunes, the goodreads app (LOVE IT!), Sky+ app for times like christmas day at your parents’ when they remind you that Room on the Broom is on at 3pm and you hadn’t set sky plus to tape, all the catch up tv apps (we don’t have an ipad but who needs one when you can take your iphone into the kitchen and cook/bake while watching tv, albeit in miniature), easy internet access, music on the go, a mobile metronome, find iPhone (couldn’t live without it, particularly useful for anyone else who usually leaves their phone on silent. How do you find that when it’s down the back of the sofa? The find iPhone app will play a sound on it whether it’s on silent or not!), need I go on???

Thanks again to butwhymummywhy for starting this linky which I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy contributing to. And thanks for reading, if you got this far!


10 thoughts on “Some things that I love – #1

  1. Oh wow! In love Alex Clare, I think I will now spend the morning on youtube listening to more! I too could not live with out my iphone. There is no way I could get a different phone now. The book you mentioned sounds right up my street too, so I will keep an eye out for it.

    Thanks for joining in!

    (One little thing, could you change the badge to my new one? It’s just that the old one links through to my old site. The new code is on my sidebar or on the bottom of my post.)


  2. I loved that book too! Will look up Alex Clare Dermot’s Saturday Sessions; I seem to have lost my way with music a bit and can’t find a station/channel that I like for long! Absolutely agree about iPhone and all uses – I would be so lost without mine.
    Nice to see you blogging again :o) x

    • Thanks Vix, good to be back!

      I really loved the book – have you read the next one about Leonard? I’ve added it to my ‘to read’ list.

      We listen to xfm in the office and its not bad, a bit repetitive if it’s on all day. Heard good things about 6music too.

      • Yes, I have read and enjoyedMt Friend Leonard. It’s a bit of a different read, not as angry, but worth reading.

        I’ve heard good things about 6music too and have listened a little when possible. I think most stations will be repetitive if on all day!!

  3. I love the live lounge on Radio One. When I was at work I always loved listening, I shall have to check Alex Clare out!

    • Hi – thanks for reading and commenting!

      I love the live lounge but dermot’s show on radio 2 on a Saturday, and the albums from it, are worth a listen too. I like hearing how people change songs and make it their own. And there’s nothing like live music. 🙂

  4. Bizarrely, I have the final of Masterchef on right now. I’ve managed to avoid finding out who won but will know in the next half an hour. Such a good programme but always makes me really, really hungry.

    • Hi – thanks for commenting.

      I do love Masterchef, I’m so impressed by the improvement in the contestants throughout the series. This particular series had a couple of culinary disasters too, a real mix of emotions.

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