Posted in August 2012

What the toddler said… 10

He’s looking very handsome this morning. Me: You are beautiful, Ethan. E: (looking down at himself then back to me) ‘I’m not a caterpillar. I’m not’. Advertisements

What the toddler said… 9

So this morning we’ve had… E: Do dogs have belly buttons? Me: I’m not sure. I’d think so. Let’s ask daddy later. But E, do you know what belly buttons come from? E: Yes. Frogs. Three frogs.

What the toddler said… 8

E (running around with an unidentifiable toy on wheels which he pretends is a hoover): I go faster and hoover! Innocuous? You’d think so. However E cannot say ‘f’ or ‘v’ sounds yet. Sounds like: E: I go bast**d and wh*re!