#366smiles – February

32/366- Seeing the brighter mornings and evenings, the cold, dark winter is coming to an end!

33/366- Other half cancelling his plans to stay home and help look after a poorly toddler and I.

34/366- the toddler quizzing granny and grandad (MY mum and dad!!) about boobs and willies!

35/366- OH & I chatting about plans for the future with the knowledge that we have a strong family unit & can cope with anything!

36/366- the toddler’s temp reducing, him eating dinner & asking for more AND asking for a bath!  Must be on the mend.  Phew!

37/366- the baby coming home from nursery with paint between his toes!

38/366- finding the toddler fast asleep sitting upright on the sofa!

39/366- cheering the boss up by telling him you can drink tea through a kitkat.  If nothing else I’m a source of entertainment.

40/366-I do love sitting round the table for breakfast with my boys when we don’t have to rush out anywhere.

41/366- Cake & tea at my Nana’s care home with my Papa after a lovely day spent with my Aunt & Uncle.

42/366- the toddler’s speech coming on.  “don’t go in bathroom, daddy do a poo, big, smelly poo!”

43/366- the toddler cheering on his national team: “tum on, stotland!”

44/366 hubby (Maths Teacher) helping me with my uni work (Music Tech).  Knew he’d be useful if I kept him long enough!

45/366- the smiles from my boys when I got home this evening and the huge improvement in bedtime and sleep from them both.

46/366- the sound of the baby laughing as he settles himself to sleep in his cot.

47/366- the toddler’s giggly anticipation as we do ‘this little piggy’ before bed!

48/366- Had a lovely day with my boys today.  Highlight def the toddler asking me for a kiss!

49/366- Treated both kids to new toys this morning.  Both napping clutching their new toys.  Love ’em!

50/366- Dad’s birthday.  My boys, 4 nephews and 5 nieces all singing happy birthday to Grandad!

51/366- Falling asleep beside the toddler this evening.  Every time I opened my eyes he gave me a beautiful big smile.

52/366- A productive evening.  Actually getting items ticked off the ‘to do’ list gives me peace of mind!

53/366- My baby wakes up in such a lovely mood every morning, makes the early starts so much more manageable!

54/366- cheesy but that overwhelming feeling of love and wonder for your children.  Had some delicious cuddles with my baby tonight.

55/366- my niece arriving home from nursery telling us she was the ‘paths kid’ or messenger today.  Sounded v like a bad word!

56/366- mum’s birthday.  My biggest boy kindly blew out all the candles on his granny’s cake!

57/366- Fajitas for dinner!!!  Courtesy of a very good friend.

58/366- a happy, excited toddler going into nursery this morning!  Big progress.

59/366- storytime with the toddler, it’s just amazing at the moment! He’s developing and learning so quickly.

60/366- the toddler saying ‘bye granny!’ with a big smile after another fun filled Wednesday with my mum.


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