Questions & Answers Meme

The lovely Scottish Mum has tagged me in this meme.

It works like this – I answer 12 questions which have been set by Scottish Mum.  I then add 12 of my own and tag other bloggers to answer my questions.  Here goes…

1 – If you could have chosen your own name, what would it be?

I’ve always liked my own name (Claire).  My only complaint about my name is that there’s a tendency amongst other Scottish people to mispronounce my name.  I remember a friend of mine used to chap the door and ask if “Cler” was in.  My mum would always reply “Nobody called Cler lives here”.  🙂

2 – Who do you most admire in life, and why?

Those who have encountered great loss and still have the strength to carry on.

3 – What is your most treasured possession?

I have my great-grandmother’s jewellery box.  In need of some restoration but it’s a precious family heirloom.

4 – Are you a glass half full, or glass half empty type person?  Give an example.

Glass half full.  Why sweat the small stuff?

5 – Tell your favourite funny joke…

What’s brown and sticky?  A stick.  (Sorry, I’m not very good at recalling jokes and this was the only one I could think of!)

6 – What is your biggest fear in life?

My children being hurt.  Predictable but true.

7 – What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? What does it remind you of?

Toffee chip.  Reminds me of the local cafe in the village I used to live which sold delicious ice cream.

8 –  If you have kids, do they do what you tell them first time, every time? If no kids, what about your elders?

Certainly not, but in fairness to them they are only 9mths and 2yrs old!

9 – Prada or Primark?


10 –  Jeans or joggers?

Definitely jeans.  I don’t think I own any joggers…

11 – Jennifer Aniston or Meryl Streep.

Something about Jennifer Aniston really irritates me so by default, Meryl Streep!

12 – Sean Connery or Daniel Craig.

Sean Connery.  Again, Daniel Craig is very irritating (that pout is just ridiculous!) plus Sean Connery is a fellow Scot!

Here are my 12 questions:-

1. What is your starsign and do you believe in horoscopes etc?

2. If you could change one thing about your life thus far, what would it be?

3. If there was one charity you could give a huge contribution to, which charity would it be and why?

4. Favourite chocolate bar?

5. Should smoking be legal?  What are your views on the smoking ban in public places?

6. Why do you blog?

7. Who is your celebrity crush?

8. Do you have a favourite author?

9. Can you play any musical instruments?  If not, what would you choose to learn?

10. How many siblings do you have?

11. Do you have any tattoos?

12. What would your ideal car be?

And I tag:-







…and anyone else who wants to join in!


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