How was your January 2012? Is your year off to a good start?

Can you believe January is over already?  How quick was that?

January saw my return to work part-time and our new childcare arrangements (nursery, and both grandparents) established.  I have been really surprised at how smoothly the month has gone.  The toddler is having some settling in issues at nursery (crying when dropped off though he quickly settles down) but the baby seems to have taken to it brilliantly.  I thought it would’ve been the other way round!

I haven’t been late for work at all, I’ve been ridiculously early most days.  We forgot the toddler’s bag for nursery one day, which meant we had no pull-ups, but the nursery had spares so we got around that slight issue.

The toilet exploded in the middle of the night!  Sounds worse than it was – it was only the water inlet hose so all clean water THANKFULLY but at 2:30am the bathroom was absolutely drenched.  My family were great and had us back to normal within 24 hours.  I’m so glad it happened while we were at home.  Yes, it woke us all up but we were here to turn the water off and prevent too much damage.

I turned 29!  Had a lovely night out with my husband and our friends.  Tapas (which was awesome!) followed by a few drinks then home.

Both boys have had different bugs this month, I think this unfortunately goes hand in hand with starting nursery.  Hopefully their immune systems will get used to this quickly and we will have two healthy boys for most of the time.

Uni work – my new module is about to start and I’m really excited to be doing music again, rather than general arts.  My materials included a recorder, a drinking straw and three cardboard pipes.  It’s Music Technology, but I still don’t know where the drinking straw will be required!  Excited to find out.  I will be studying two modules between February and May so that will be a bit manic but I’m confident I can keep on top of it and will enjoy it.

On a sad note, a little boy who I knew (but not very well – a friend of a friend and he had been at our toddlers group on a few occasions) died quite suddenly this month.  He wasnt even 2 and a half.  I can’t begin to imagine the loss his family are experiencing.  Just goes to show we never know what is around the corner.  Cherish every moment.

So that was the month of January.  I think we’ve got off to a good start.  I’ve enjoyed being back at work three days a week and have made the most of my days at home with the toddler and the baby.  I hope we’ve found the right balance and look forward to what the rest of 2012 has in store for us.


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