#366smiles – January

1/366- the way my baby smiles when I kiss his cheek.

2/366- The toddler saying ‘sweet dreams’ to the person napping in bed with their teddy bear, which we made out of fuzzy felt.

3/366- A new pair of shoes for going back to work tmrw. Reminds me of going back to school in new uniform etc when I was young!

4/366- after 1st day back at work, the baby doing a fish face when he saw me. Clearly thinking “BOOBS! MILK!” …then he smiled! 🙂

5/366- my husband working hard around the house & with the boys as he can see I need a break. 🙂

6/366- a lovely evening with husband, friends, dinner and well behaved children! So very lucky to have good friends in our life.

7/366- the toddler shouting for the big bad mouse and ‘baby duffalo’ when he saw the full moon and clouds tonight.

8/366- Baby pinging my bra strap while feeding. Repeatedly. Probably more of a grimace than a smile.

9/366- surviving our first day with two parents going to work & two children to nursery. Everyone out for 7:20am. Smoothly. Wow!

10/366- An early one today – the sound of the toddler sleeping peacefully beside us after he sneaked into our bed. V unusual!

11/366- the boss saying “it’s good to have you back” after my first week back at work.

12/366 – the toddler running off with his hood up doing his funny run. Keep reminding myself it’s their ‘innate curiosity’.

13/366- a tossup between the toddler demanding I read his bedtime stories and our new game, SPIDER!! 🙂

14/366- pushing the toddler on a swing at the park and hearing him chuckle.

15/366 The toddler reciting all of ‘row, row, row your boat’ himself, unprompted! Always been too shy previously.

16/366- Coming home after 9pm and both boys are fast asleep! Ok the baby woke up ten mins later but still…!

17/366- hearing my almost 8mth old baby had hotdogs at his gran’s for lunch. If I don’t laugh I’ll cry!!!

18/366- coming home to a hot cup of tea made by my mum!

19/366- discovering (while wiping poo off) that the baby has extreeeeeemely tickly feet!

20/366- the smile on my toddler’s face when his big cousins arrived home from school & nursery.  He loves his cousins!

21/366- birthday gift from my husband, a necklace with the infinity symbol cos he’s a geek and loves me to infinity!

22/366- my family helping us out, can always count on them x

23/366- the toddler’s first work of art sent home from nursery; a paddy hat that he had painted for Chinese new year!

24/366- Having the time this evening to catch up on some blogs and investigate some newbies to follow.

25/366- the (half-naked) toddler running down the hall for a cuddle when I got home from work.  Hi Ummy!

26/366- the toddler saying “ah luff hooo”.

27/366- a pj day due to the snow, lots of games, baking & naps with my beautiful boys.

28/366- arriving in the barber’s to see the toddler perched on a seat, gown on, having his haircut.  When did he get so big?!

29/366- watching ‘Call the Midwife’ on live TV instead of days later!  Feeling organised and able to relax for a bit.

30/366- The toddler: ‘mummy, lie down there (patting pillow beside him)’.

31/366- loaded with the cold but tucked up in bed with my books for 8:30pm!!


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