In the still of the night.

There’s something really special about this time of night when the children are tucked up in bed sleeping peacefully.  The toddler is fast asleep, as usual on top of his duvet and upside down in bed but tonight he has Thomas the Tank Engine on one side and Henry on the other.  The baby is fast asleep and recovering from being poorly all week.  The husband is also fast asleep after a difficult week, a particular highlight of the week being the plumbing emergency which interrupted ‘the still of the night’ on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

We were awoken by a gush of water which sounded as if a tap had been turned on full force.  The husband jumped out of bed, the baby was in bed with us so I waited until the husband had got up before rolling over and it was then that I discovered that the toddler was also in bed with us!  Oops.  Quite concerned to discover he might have perfected the art of sneaking into our bed without waking us!

Anyway, I jumped out of bed and the toddler followed me, everyone was wide awake.  There was water pouring down in the bathroom and, knowing that the roof had been damaged in the recent storms and we’d had a leak in the bathroom from upstairs before, we assumed that something had caved in and the leak was from our neighbours.  I carried the toddler upstairs to chap the neighbours’ door and waited for an answer.  The husband came into the close and I could still hear the water pouring down in our bathroom.  I said ‘no answer yet’ and chapped again as he went back into our flat.  A couple of minutes later he came out and said ‘it’s just us’ so I, somewhat confused, padded back downstairs and into our flat asking ‘how can it be only us’?

The husband explained that, as he was holding a bucket up to catch the water, it slowly dawned on him that the water was splashing off the bottom of the bucket and hitting him in the face!  It was at this point that he realised the water wasn’t pouring down, it was shooting up to the ceiling with such force that it seemed to be pouring.  Turns out the water inlet hose for the toilet had broken and this makes water gush out.  Thank goodness it happened while we were home.  Daytime would’ve been nice as we might have realised quicker what had actually happened, but I dread to think how much damage there would have been if we had been out and the water left to run for longer than a few minutes.

Once the water was switched off, the toddler started playing with his toys in the living room and I went to check on the baby who was still fast asleep.  I caught sight of the clock – 2:30am!!  We were all so wide awake and had assumed it was around 6.  Thankfully our neighbours didn’t hear me chapping & my family stepped in the next day; one of my brothers took a half day, had his inlaws collect his eldest children from school & nursery, his wife drove to collect him from work and bring him home all so he could fix our toilet and have our water back on again, and my mum collected the boys and I to make sure we weren’t stuck indoors in a house with no water for the day.  What would we do without my family…

And so ends another adventure filled week in our household.  With peace and quiet and that warm, happy feeling in your tummy.  Life is good.


6 thoughts on “In the still of the night.

    • I think it was the time that made us both think it was from upstairs. Maybe being more awake we would have realised quicker! I could’ve sworn it was almost time to get up though, until I saw a clock. The adrenalin kicked in and we were wide awake for ages, even after we’d turned the water off, cleared up and decided the plumber could wait until the morning!

  1. Why do disasters always happen at the worst times?
    The still of the night, is however a lovely time to take stock of your lot x

    • That wasn’t the worst time- imagine it happened at 7:30 on a Monday when the house would be empty (apart from the poor dog) until about 5pm, imagine the devastation! At least we managed to prevent it leaking into our downstairs neighbours and it didn’t do too much damage to our own house (tho the bathroom will need replastered).

      It is nice, sitting quietly with your babies fast asleep. Really peaceful and calming, I love it. All the more because the baby still isn’t a great sleeper!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. wow thats some indoor water feature huh?
    so lovely of your family to step in and help out like that – as you say where would be without them sometimes?
    heres to no more water antics in the middle of the night – or indeed the day! x

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