Name a board game you’ll never tire of.

Another post inspired by plinky!

Something light hearted.

For me, my favourite board game would be Cluedo.  I like logic puzzles and trying to read people’s facial expressions so this type of game really suits me.  My other half would probably pick Monopoly which would be nearer the bottom of my list but fair is fair, we’ll take turns!

I love board games.  I do enjoy most activities where the conversation flows, everyone is relaxed and nobody is distracted by phones/tv/laptops etc.  I really look forward to the children being old enough to have games nights as this is something I remember fondly from childhood.  A bottle of fizzy juice as a treat, maybe some sweets from the van and everyone sat round the table playing scrabble or cards.  We’ve already started playing animal dominoes and elefun with the toddler but it’s still a work in progress.  Happy times to look forward to.  Just hope my boys don’t inherit their father’s competitive nature!


12 thoughts on “Name a board game you’ll never tire of.

  1. I love board games too and it’s a regular thing for us to sit round and play a game after dinner (if the tween isn’t objecting too much). I love Monopoly, but if we have friends round Articulate is my favourite.

    • What’s Articulate? Is it like charades? I remember playing charades with my gran and my mum’s family at new year’s eve parties.

      I also like Pictionary! I’ll have to add all of these recommendations to my amazon wishlist.

  2. Nooooo… Trivial Pursuits ALL THE WAY! I don’t think I’ve ever won a game, but some of the answers you get are hilarious, or maybe that’s just playing with my family? 😛

    Scrabble amuses me for the same reason. My dad tried to play camelkits, pegg and faghole in one game!

    • Oooo I forgot about Trivial Pursuit! We had that too, an adult and a children version and I remember my big brothers struggling with the adult questions while my twin and I were still allowed to do the kid’s questions. Will have to keep an eye out for trivial pursuit – do they still sell it??

  3. I am a scrabble girl. It was a New Year’s tradition, to stay up playing Scrabble and then watch fireworks on the telly. My dad is dyslexic, but would always find the huge scoring words. Cheat!
    Trivial pursuits was a favourite too, though none of could ever answer the questions – so hard!
    Mum & I had a thing for jigsaw puzzles and would spend hours doing them.
    My nan & I would play Solitaire with the marbles – she had a proper board for it.
    Ooh, mum & I would play backgammon too.
    It’s mad that you can play all these things online…not so good for family time!!

    • We have a backgammon set! The toddler loves jigsaws so that might be a ‘thing’ for him too! Never heard of solitaire with marbles, a nice memory though. My gran used to keep coppers to play bingo with us. 🙂

  4. it has to be scrabble for me. i have been playing it since i was about 7 and was introduced to it by my grandparents and i love it!
    i don’t play it as often anymore because i have no one to play with 😦

  5. Any of you like Mine a Million? I enjoy it more than Monopoly – a bit more room for strategy… and just for the record, you Trivial Pursuits players (if you’ve got an old set) Kodak is NO LONGER the world’s largest user of silver. Digital photography has put paid to that.

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