Things To Do Before I’m 40

Started as a meme on the blog of Two Point Four Children, Tas at NotMyYearOff tagged me to supply a list of things to do before I’m 4o.  I would do ‘before I’m 30’ but that’s only just over a year away so here goes…

1. Complete my degree.  I’m working on the third and fourth modules of six so I’m well on my way and this is a big part of my life at the moment.

2. Have another child.  No time soon, and if the job market and housing market don’t pick up quickly it might never happen, but I definitely would love to be pregnant again, experience labour again and bring another child into our family.

3. Visit Las Vegas with my husband.

4. Have a break in London and see some shows, maybe with my mum.  I spent a week in London with the Music Department when I was at school and we saw Grease (with Shane Ritchie as Danny!), Les Mis and Miss Saigon.  Would love to do that again.  Too many of the musicals don’t tour.

5. Live in a house and not in a flat!  Not too fussy, three bedrooms, a garden and a garage for our bicycles will keep us happy.

6. Own a decent camera and know how to use it properly.

7. Lose about 10lbs.  Still have a baby belly.

8. Bake more and be able to bake and decorate decent birthday cakes for the family.

9. Decide what I want to be when I grow up!

10. Buy my husband a really nice watch to make up for my engagement ring, wedding ring, wedding dress etc…

11. Have my own car that I don’t need to share with my husband.  Not for selfish reasons, just purely so that he can’t mess it up and neglect it like he does with our current car.

12. Have a go on my dad’s motorbike.

13. Eat in a michelin starred restaurant with my husband, not easy as I think there is only one in Scotland so we’d need to travel!

14. Learn how to knit properly and make jumpers for the family.  Hopefully not of the embarassing variety!

15. Own a drum kit!

So I’m tagging @jowonderwoman @rantybeast and @mugofdecaf.


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