Over the past eight months I have been a full time parent, at home on maternity leave with my two very young children. Bloody hard work and at times I have felt very isolated and low.

Twitter has been an absolute godsend over this period of time. The #3amfc (feeding club for anyone wondering) was established with the arrival of my baby, closely followed by 5 or 6 other originals, and we offered and took up the offer of online friendship and support, unjudged and provided by people who were in the same boat as you, in an entirely honest and open format. As time has gone on, I have become close friends with these amazing ladies and can also rely on other twitter friends for support & opinions whenever needed, as they can with me.

Twitter is about logging in and real time chatting with contacts. Not about tracking someone down and reading all of their tweets. Apart from anything else, you are often reading one side of a conversation, you won’t know the background, you don’t know the relationship those particular tweeters have… for numerous reasons, I think that going out of your way to track someone down and read through that particular person’s timeline extensively, is low, quite invasive and against unspoken twitter etiquette in my books.


3 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Totally agree!! I think we all have twitter stalkers & to be honest if they are so interested then why not just be a part of our lives? This is often real friends or family that do this & I just don’t get it?? Do they think we are different people online? I can guess alot are but us lot are honest to the root & our friends & families would know that if they were true to us!!!
    Great blog & as always #3amfc will save our sanity!

  2. i am soooo pleased i discovered twitter and i only wish i had when Burton was very small as it has been a great comfort as you say and the people have been so friendly and helpful. i love how you can tweet a question and you get lots of replies. i only wish some people lived closer to me so i could meet up in real life too. xx

    • Me too. There’s an honesty to twitter which facebook is lacking and I think it comes down to the whole “keeping up appearances” thing. There’s no need to do that with people you don’t know in real life. I LOVE twitter! 🙂

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