Posted in January 2012

In the still of the night.

There’s something really special about this time of night when the children are tucked up in bed sleeping peacefully.  The toddler is fast asleep, as usual on top of his duvet and upside down in bed but tonight he has Thomas the Tank Engine on one side and Henry on the other.  The baby is … Continue reading

Name a board game you’ll never tire of.

Another post inspired by plinky! Something light hearted. For me, my favourite board game would be Cluedo.  I like logic puzzles and trying to read people’s facial expressions so this type of game really suits me.  My other half would probably pick Monopoly which would be nearer the bottom of my list but fair is … Continue reading

Things To Do Before I’m 40

Started as a meme on the blog of Two Point Four Children, Tas at NotMyYearOff tagged me to supply a list of things to do before I’m 4o.  I would do ‘before I’m 30’ but that’s only just over a year away so here goes… 1. Complete my degree.  I’m working on the third and fourth … Continue reading


I recently returned to work after maternity leave and I am now job sharing; I work 3 days and my colleague works 2.  After some brainstorming about whether to allocate specific tasks to ourselves and split the work, we agreed, as we were sharing the role and not performing two distinct and separate roles, to … Continue reading


Over the past eight months I have been a full time parent, at home on maternity leave with my two very young children. Bloody hard work and at times I have felt very isolated and low. Twitter has been an absolute godsend over this period of time. The #3amfc (feeding club for anyone wondering) was … Continue reading