The Lovely Lovely Love List of Loveliness

The Lovely Lovely Love List Of Loveliness

The lovely Mammasaurus and BooandMe_ created this linky to spread happiness in blogland after a week of general nastiness.  Delighted to take part, hope I’ve done it right.  As you can see already, I couldn’t work out how to make your names link to your pages despite trying the ‘add/edit link’ function.  I’m a learner.  Someone put me out of my misery please!

1. Cake or chocolate – discuss.

Cake.  Most definitely.  No doubt whatsoever.  I’m sure cake is much better for you, nutritionally, is it not?  Anyway, I can eat a whole cake myself quite easily.  Carrot cake, swiss roll, coffee cake, walnut cake, cupcakes, chocolate cake, victoria sponge.  Anything.  Favourite is probably sticky toffee pudding.

My son is apparently developing a love of cake.  I’m so proud.  He was with my mum today and she was texting me to say “we’re having a great time”.  She read it aloud to the toddler and he let her get as far as “we’re having” before suggesting a good word to follow that with – “CAKE!”  He’s learning from the best.

2. Your most embarrassing memory. Of. All. Time.

At a friend’s 21st when I was around 19.  So drunk the night ended with said friend holding my hair whilst I vomitted in the pub toilets.  But there was a much more embarrassing event earlier that evening.  Oh yes.

I was standing towards the end of the bar with my ‘date’ (wouldn’t go so far as to call him a boyfriend).  We were chatting, flirting, maybe snogging… I casually, attempting to appear cool, leaned back on the wall beside the bar.  Only it wasn’t a wall, it was a curtain.  With nothing behind it.  You’ve seen that scene in Only Fools & Horses?  That was me, only in a very short skirt.  I’m sure I managed to sneak around the curtain to return to the party with nobody noticing my fabulous exit though.  Sadly mistaken, most probably.

3. What’s your claim to fame?

Fairly rubbish but probably that my inlaws live next door to Kevin Bridges’ parents and my husband grew up next door to him.

4. Would you rather lick Brad Pitts armpit or Johnny Depps foot?

I have real issues with bodily fluids.  I don’t care whose armpit it is, I ain’t licking no armpit.  Not only would there be sweat, there’d be hair!!  Gross!!

So by default, my answer is Johnny Depp’s foot.

5. What is the worst chat up line that has ever been said to you?

If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

6. What is the worst chat up line you have ever used?

I don’t think I used chat up lines.  Not really my style.

7. Shag, Marry, Push off a cliff: Jeremy Kyle / David Hasslehoff / Louis Walsh

I cannot stand Louis Walsh so he would be pushed off a cliff with great glee.

The other two are both as bad as each other so I’m wondering who could I endure a quickie with and who would be easiest to put up with for longer… Probably shag the hoff (*vomit*) and marry Jezza?

8. If you were skipping gaily in a meadow of sweet buttercups what would you rather stop to pet – a fluffy bunnykins or a little baby mole whose little pink nose was emerging from the ground?

The little baby mole makes me feel a bit sick so it would most definitely be a, let me get this right, “fluffy bunnykins”.

9. What biscuit is the best biscuit?

Recently discovered Cadbury Biscbuits which are pretty damn good!  But jammy dodgers win hands down.  The toffee dodgers are also good.

10. If you had to sniff a fart would you rather it was the fart of Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga?

Oh God, I thought this list was supposed to make us happy?  I would probably choose Brad Pitt as that is quite an intimate act and I’d rather not get that close to another female whose sexual preference I am not sure of.

And here are the obligatory, vomit-inducing pictures.  Enjoy!  🙂


5 thoughts on “The Lovely Lovely Love List of Loveliness

  1. Loving your blog already, I think I’d be hard pushed not to shove Jezza, The Hoff and Louis off a cliff!! The best biscuits ever have to be vanilla hobnob creams, best EVER. I can polish off a whole packet in about 2 minutes flat, not sure whether to be proud of that or not? Anyway, fab job so far missus xx

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