Do you think you’ll ever try living in another country?

This topic interests me at the moment as my husband is a recently qualified teacher (completing the postgrad in 2009) yet has no permanent teaching position so we have considered moving for him to secure a permanent job and may have to consider this in the future if his situation doesn’t change.

I do firmly believe that we work to live, we don’t live to work, and there are other factors which are far more important to me than my job.  Don’t get me wrong, my ability to work and contribute financially to my family’s wellbeing is extremely important to me but I could do this working in the local supermarket; I don’t feel any tie to living where I am on account of my employment.  Having had our children fairly young (I was 26 and hubby 27), we haven’t reached a lifestyle which could be difficult to maintain and place financial pressures on us and I think having children has cemented my belief that there really is more to life than money.

Since having my first child in November 2009, my relationship with my own parents has taken on a different meaning.  My respect for them has multiplied – I am a twin and one of four children.  Not so unusual then but viewed as being a large family nowadays and I now have a better understanding of how hard my parents worked to raise our family.  My parents have eleven grandchildren and maintain close relationships with them all.  I couldn’t deprive them of this by moving my children more than a short car journey from them.  From a selfish point of view, my mum is my best friend and I would miss her terribly if I wasn’t able to see her regularly.  My family is my biggest tie to home and I’d like my children to grow up around and be close to their cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents.

So family dictates that we’ll never try living in another country as we’d be leaving too much behind.


10 thoughts on “Do you think you’ll ever try living in another country?

  1. I like the thought of living in Australia, I often dream about the sunshine, beaches, tan and the overall laid back attitude to life. I went on holiday to Perth a few years ago with my mum, the aussie lifestyle was very different to my lifestyle here in Scotland. I always seem to be in a rush, that relates to both my personal and professional life… in Australia people seem to enjoy life and live for the moment, I wish I could adopt that attitude.

    Could I move away? The answer would have to be a NO. As much as I dream and love the thought I would never leave my family and friends. I am very close to my family, especially my parents and my sister. I can not imagine going two days without seeing them. I also have a great social life and meet up with friends often, not having them near would be very difficult for me.

    I will continue to dream …

    Great blog 🙂 x

  2. My OH had the chance to move to London a while back and as tempting as it was we stuck to the North West as both our families are close by. I’m very close to my mum too do would find it difficult not seeing her regularly. Great first post!

    • Thank you – I am struggling to think of subjects but this one was listed as a suggestion in the Daily Post section and it seemed relevant at the time. WordPress is pretty complicated!

  3. Hubby’s mum and step dad want to move to Canada. Dale loves his mum to bits – she currently lives 5 mins up the road. I pop in every week with Paige and we go there every other Sunday for a roast with his Nan too.
    Dale’s mum has a grandson too, who she doesn’t see as often, but at least once a month.
    Dale would be heart broken without his mum so close. I honestly think we too would have to emigrate. But then that wouldn’t be fair on my family left behind.
    Difficult choices with choosing a location of where home should be, so many people to consider!

    • Having children has definitely made us realise that its our own family cell, the four of us, which is most important but I just couldn’t be happy being so far away from my nearest and dearest. It is difficult, you’ll have to let us know what your mother in law decides. x

  4. As someone who is abroad, it is hard living away from family. We have them in 3 different countries, but atleast all in Europe. That is an “easy” distance. However, if we were offered the opportunity to move to the Americas, Asia or Australia I don’t think we would take it up. Here we have my 75 yo in-laws come and stay every couple of months for a week or two and the same with my parents. If we were further, this would be once a year. I could not do that to my children… however good the job.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I can appreciate that living in Europe is manageable for families who can travel and that your children may even enjoy more quality time with their grandparents when they come to visit than those who live closer. I agree that further afield would be out of the question.

  5. Good question, it’s interesting to see people’s responses as so many people say to me that I’m so lucky (I moved to Cyprus 2 years ago) and think I have this idyllic dream life in the sun but some wouldn’t actually want to do it themselves even if they could, and some would seriously consider it but can’t for various reasons.

    I might be using this question on my blog too now! will link back to you 😉

    • Feel free – I got it from Daily Post on the first day I set this up but now can’t find the Daily Post for further suggested subjects! Why is wordpress so complicated???

      Thanks for commenting!

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