Posted in November 2011

I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!

I have been tagged in an ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’ inspired meme by Jenny at Mummy Mishaps.  Originally started by Kate on Thin Ice.  I’m not following the series this year but have done in the past so have a rough idea what it’s all about. 1. What one thing about … Continue reading

Birth story – my second child.

My baby was around 10 months old.  As I was breastfeeding, I had only just had my first period post-baby in mid August.  Not much of anything but enough to make me think my body was returning to normal post-pregnancy and my periods were starting again.  I was due to give blood for the first … Continue reading

A puff of smoke.

A couple of different episodes this week have led to this blog. Firstly, on a train with my mum and both my kids in the twin buggy, two men boarded then started smoking joints.  Older men, probably around 40-50.  It was around 3pm.  The carriage filled with the smell and I saw a woman angrily … Continue reading

Have you started making plans for Christmas?

This will be my third Christmas as a parent. Our first Christmas as parents was a tricky one.  Our eldest son, Ethan, was less than four weeks old.  I don’t think we even put up a Christmas tree that year!  I was breastfeeding, sleep-deprived and still getting to grips with being responsible for a baby … Continue reading

The Lovely Lovely Love List of Loveliness

The Lovely Lovely Love List Of Loveliness The lovely Mammasaurus and BooandMe_ created this linky to spread happiness in blogland after a week of general nastiness.  Delighted to take part, hope I’ve done it right.  As you can see already, I couldn’t work out how to make your names link to your pages despite trying … Continue reading

Birth Story – My first child.

It’s taken a while for me to write this, life gets in the way somewhat when children are on the scene!  I wanted to document my pregnancy & birth story (or birth stories as I’ve done it again since) for my children’s baby books so figured I’d write it here.  Be warned though – it’s … Continue reading