Some things that I love – #2

Some things that I love… Despite meaning to keep up with this regularly, it’s been a busy few weeks with the end of my penultimate uni module.  Back on it though and here’s my contribution to butwhymummywhy’s linky . Something I read – Reading really is the crutch that gets me through stressful times.  I’ve … Continue reading

Some things that I love – #1

Some things that I love… I have loved butwhymummywhy’s linky since it started and have eventually dragged my blog out of the vaults to regularly join in with this linky, and hopefully blog more too. Something I read – I finished in 2 days (no mean feat with a 1 and 3 year old at … Continue reading

I’m back!

Sorry for the cheesy title but I’m back in the game with the blogosphere again.  Haven’t done it in way too long but found a lovely linky to ease my way back into regular posting so my contribution to the linky will be published tomorrow.  Watch this space!

What the toddler said… 9

So this morning we’ve had… E: Do dogs have belly buttons? Me: I’m not sure. I’d think so. Let’s ask daddy later. But E, do you know what belly buttons come from? E: Yes. Frogs. Three frogs.

What the toddler said… 8

E (running around with an unidentifiable toy on wheels which he pretends is a hoover): I go faster and hoover! Innocuous? You’d think so. However E cannot say ‘f’ or ‘v’ sounds yet. Sounds like: E: I go bast**d and wh*re!

What the toddler said… 7

E: Fanamy. Famany. Family. Family. Me: Our family. Who’s in our family? E: Ethan! Loot! (Luke). Me: Yes! Who else? E: Rotty (Rocky the dog). Me: Yes Rocky’s our family. Who else? E: Mummy and Daddy and toys! Seems I’m on a par with Thomas the Tank Engine. Hmm!

What the toddler said… 6

E: What’s that mummy? (points at my bra) Me: That’s my bra. E: What’s a bra do? Me: I wear a bra and it holds my boobs. E: so they don’t fall. Me: yes darling. E: and keeps your boobs on.